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Louise Birch

Louise Birch Je travaille sur des thèmes liés aux mystéres, à la transcendance et au surréalisme.

"Figurative ceramics primarily makes up the framework of my stories, but recently I have rediscovered an old interest in drawing and image making.
My work is inspired by illustration, philosophy, humor, mysticism, contemporary popculture, C.G. Jung's concepts of the collective unconsious, and by my own experiences in the world. Just to name a few..
My stories take shape in a constant dialogue with the material of choise – a dialogue where sensuousness and intuition contribute on equal terms as the intellect." - Louise Birch.

For any questions or comments relating to my work feel free to contact me at louisebirchs@gmail.com

Denmark +45 26 84 43 91 louisebirchs@gmail.com www.louisebirch.com